Swim Video Demonstrates That Greg Will Drop FitOldDog In The 2014 Eagleman Half Ironman If He Learns to Reduce Drag

Rick v Greg in pool small file

Hi folks, welcome!

When training for triathlons, performance on the bike depends on power-to-weight ratio, with drag being somewhat less important.

For the swim, performance depends on power-to-drag ratio, with weight being essentially unimportant (except for buoyancy and warmth).

Either way, as you age you’ll slow down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give youngsters like Greg a run for their money, for a while at least.

Even as an older athlete, one can dramatically improve swim performance by changing a few critical aspects of your stroke and position in the water, but it does take (a) awareness of what you’re doing, (b) willingness to do the work, and (c) MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, adequate conditioning.

I look forward to Greg dropping me in the swim at the 2014 Eagleman Half Ironman – I know he can.

-k @FitOldDog


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