Solving The Money Flux Equation, And What If Tim Ferris Is Right?

  Hi folks, A while ago I wrote a post about good pain versus bad pain. Well, there is good crazy and bad crazy, too. Tim Ferris is definitely good crazy. As I approach the end of another year of training, and my income is about to drop dramatically (on September 24th, in fact), I am considering self-coaching for my next season. Generally this is a bad idea, and I may live to regret it, but the experience ... Read more

It Is Easier To Want What You Get Than To Get What You Want, Apollo 13, and Rube Goldberg Machines

Hi folks, I remember reading a Zen Meditation book, written by a small group in California (I couldn't find this book on line), in which it was stated that 'it is easier to want what you get than to get what you want.' It really means that you can enjoy life with what you have, rather than always wanting what you don't have, to which there is no end. This sounds like the Chez Ollie all wrapped up in a different ... Read more

Orthotics, Symmetry, And Tim Ferris Has Done It Again!

Hi! Folks, Recently, my friend and biking partner Rory Conolly sent me the following link concerning the question, "are shoe orthotics a good idea?" It is well worth a read! I have often wondered about this issue, especially since reading 'Born to Run.' I was wearing 'spring-loaded' shoe-insert orthotics at the time, which I believe were prescribed with all good intentions, but I suspect that the strong arch ... Read more

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