, The Need for an AAA-Stent Community, Family and Back In Training

Hi! Folks, As I attempt to develop a community or forum for people with AAA-stents, I am encountering some very valuable resources, associated with which are kind and helpful people. For instance,, which I incorrectly referred to as in my previous post. Apologies to Burt, who has made a very relevant movie - I'll tell you about it once it arrives in my mailbox and I get to watch it ... Read more

Having a Stent is Both Frightening and Enlightening; Endurance Training Ideal for the Stented

Hi folks, My girlfriend/partner, Deb, has an autistic son, Rory, which can be challenging. Deb always says that Rory has brought many more positive than negative things into her life, especially in the form of wonderful and supportive people. I have always been surprised by such a positive attitude to what seems like such a difficult, and sometimes sad, turn of events. Now that I have experienced a truly ... Read more

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