To Keep Moving as You Age Understand Your Steering Gear

To Keep Moving as You Age Understand Your Steering Gear

To keep your body moving as you age it pays to be aware of what you are doing. For instance, steering your body is in many ways similar to steering a car and the metaphor is instructive. Excerpt From: The True Story of Plantar Fasciitis: And Why Heel Injections Should Be Banned, Kindle Edition. There are interesting parallels between the way cars and your body function. They are both machines that do stuff, which ... Read more

Learn How To Pick Up A Rock Before You Pick Up Your Tennis Racket

  Hi folks, Many years ago I attempted to learn Chez Ollie, and I got close a few times after a year or so of trying. I got to feel, if only briefly, how you can put the force of your whole body into a punch over a distance of just a few centimeters. The process seemed to be all about optimal body coordination, timing, and considerable skill. It is apparent that there are many ways to carry out any action ... Read more

I Wonder If René Descartes Enjoyed Dancing

  Hi folks, There are two famous quotes by Frenchmen about the nature of life, "Je pense donc je suis" (I think, therefore I am [Cogito ergo sum] - René Descartes, philosopher) and "Rien n'est vrai comme ce qu'on sent" (Nothing is as true as what one feels - Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, poet). One says he exists because he thinks and the other states that it's really all about feelings. Two halves of ... Read more

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