Aging, Health And The Value Of Regular Massage, Professional Or Self-Applied

Hi folks, welcome! As we get to enjoy the trials and tribulations of aging, we become stiffer. If you want to keep yourself moving as an older adult, or find tight muscles (myofascia) before they become sports injuries, have a massage. Massage is extremely beneficial, but complex. I have experienced two main forms of massage, 'fluff and buff,' where the goal is relaxation, and sports massage, which can be ... Read more

It Takes A Team To Keep An Older Athlete Going So Don’t Forget Your Sports Massage

  Hi! Thanks for coming by! If you want to keep your body going, find the right support crew and remember to appreciate them and say thanks from time to time. One important member of my team is my Sports Massage Therapist, Pilates and Gyrokinesis® instructor, Tara, because she finds problems before they turn into injuries. I've found massage to be helpful for both finding and fixing training ... Read more

I Love My New Drawing Book – Observation, Awareness, Technique, Patience, And Endurance Training

I was hunting around on my Nook looking for a drawing instruction book when I came across the little e-tome below. The drawing of the cats on the cover just blew me away! I downloaded the book for a few bucks, started reading, and then thought that I would try my hand at drawing my new running shoes following the instructions in my Nook Book. I really like my new Chez Ollie running shoes, which I purchased at ... Read more

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