New Technologies Can Be A Pain In The Butt If You Rely On Them Too Heavily


Put it on the seat, turn around, and whoosh it’s gone. Technology gone crazy, not to mention those bloody automatic taps that only work half the time. Too complicated for their own good.

Hi folks,

FitOldDog's support crew in NYC for the canceled marathon

FitOldDog’s support crew in New York for the marathon 2012. Cancellation didn’t dampen their spirits. Photo by Duncan Morgan.

You can be seduced by new technologies, especially on the bike. Take my word for it (a word that I received from my son, Nigel), don’t rely too heavily on heart rate monitors, power meters, and the like, especially during races. This does not apply to the clock in the pool, I hasten to add, as it is the final arbiter of your performance. On the bike or run, as you monitor the monitors, you can get out of touch with how you feel, an important tool for optimal and safe race performance. The meters are great for assessing where and when you should back off or pick up the pace based on your perceived effort. You have to learn to read it, like anything else. In fact, use the monitors to train your perception.

When it comes to safe exercise for better health, I put how I feel ahead of monitoring devices as I set my pace. My goal is to remain injury free whilst doing the best I can – an endless and entertaining process.

To enjoy the race and stay safe, you’ve got to feel it!

-k @FitOldDog


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