Temple Of Materialism Or Hive Of Industry And What Is Your Perspective On Ironman Training?



Christmas Tree at Southpoints Mall Durham NC USA

What is your take on this – is it a hive or a temple, or both?

FitOldDog's logoWhen it comes to Ironman training, some people think that I’m crazy, some are inspired to do the same, and others just change the subject (which is fine with me). It is all a matter of your perspective or worldview. Like most things, it comes down to your philosophy. When I visit the local mall, Southpoints, I like to call it The Temple of Materialism, but in another way, a transplanted Englishman, I find it fascinating as a kind of ethnic experience. It is just so American and is not at all what I was used to seeing growing up in England in the 1950s.

Families at Johnny's in Carrboro NC USA

A home away from home, Johnny’s in Carrboro NC USA, where FitOldDog is learning lots of lessons about becoming a businessman and good neighbor.

In contrast, when I’m at Johnny’s, our little grocery store and coffee shop in Carrboro, I feel more at home as an Englishman, whilst as an American (yes, I did vote) I like the mall. In fact, I do the lion’s share of my blogging on safe exercise for better health, and life beyond aortic surgery in the mall, where no one knows me and I am surrounded essentially by white noise. In Johnny’s it is impossible to work, as too many people know me, so I go there for companionship and to interact with my friends and neighbors.

If you are just starting an exercise program it will feel very odd at first. You’ll feel out of place, even embarrassed in the weight room with all those mirrors, or on the road as jocks come sprinting by causing you to feel inadequate. Don’t worry, you can and will adapt  until one day you will working out and you’ll see someone new in the gym, looking lost and nervous and you’ll understand. In fact, you can help them find their feet and use the equipment safely, and then you’ll be ‘the jock,’ but a kind and helpful one.

In fact, maybe you will want to train for an Ironman one day.

It’s a blast!

-k @FitOldDog


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