The Beauty Of Training Is That You See Beauty In The Process


Hi folks,

One thing about training is that it gets you out of your rut. That is why I like to go to training camps, which is why I’m in Tucson, Arizona. I came through Dallas, and whilst wandering around the airport during a 4-hour layover, I came across this magical ‘thing.’ Take a look; it was really interesting both visually and acoustically.

I love it when people create stuff like that, and the fascinating thing about it was that you could hear it all over the terminal even more clearly than when standing inside of it, like bells tinkling in the distance. The only thing I know that sounds like that is a displaced abomasum (part of the stomach) in cattle – you have to hear it to believe it, through a stethoscope of course.

So, training gets you out there to see interesting things, what could be bad about that? Better than sitting at home all day, and it’s good for your health.

-k @FitOldDog

Today’s workouts:

Fly to Tucson and ride 25 miles with a fit German guy called Falk, which reminds me how sad I was that Peter Falk died, because he was great as Columbo and the narrator in The Princess Bride, and he seemed like a nice guy.



  1. Pity there isn’t time to read the plaque on the floor.

    • Hi Marian,
      Off to the left of your control panel at the bottom of the YouTube window there is a little sign, that looks a bit like this: “. Try touching that button, and the video will pause and the ” will change into a little arrowhead. Give it a try, it’s magic, it’s called the pause button. It works, I tested it just now and I have saved the imaged of the plaque just for you.
      Kind regards, your sarcastic brother.
      If you can’t work it out, I’ll send you the image.

  2. I’ve already tried that but the image was too blurred to see. I have just tried it again now and if you pause it two or three times at different places, and sometimes go back a bit and play again, you can find the right spot where it isn’t blurred. Yes, I did know about the Pause button!

  3. Today I discovered the Full Screen button, which is the last one on the right, but I don’t know how you saved that static image.

    • Hi Marian,
      The image is blurry on some frames and not on others.
      On a Mac I cut out the part of the screen I want as a png file, using shift-command-4, which changes the shape of the cursor, then you depress the ‘mouse,’ drag the cursor over the image you want (from the point where the cursor is, so place it carefully), and let go, and the selected area is saved as a png to the desktop.
      On a PC you use the ‘print screen’ button at the top of the key board – it used to be on the right, with the label prtsc or something like that, and it saves the whole screen, which you can then chop as you like with graphics software.
      Hope that works.

  4. But did you do what it said to do on the plaque?

  5. Kind of, and it certainly got those bells ringing and the lights flashing. I survived camp.

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