The Precious Feeling Of Coming Home

Tadpoles in jam jar

The feeling of coming home contains a valuable message about who you are.

FitOldDog in vegetable garden.

It felt as though I was coming home again, as I sat and enjoyed my new vegetable garden.

Many years ago (1970s), I left a well-paid job, as a large animal (cows mainly) veterinarian in the Southwest of England, to accept a poorly-paid position in sheep diseases research, in the hinterlands (Scotland). I entered the office of my boss-to-be (Dick), who was away for 3-weeks, to find these simple instructions, “Don’t forget to feed the tadpoles.” The rest was up to me!

I knew, in fact I felt, that I had come home, for the first time in my life. And home it was for 40 years. Not the office! The world of research. It just felt right, and this is a precious feeling. If you haven’t felt it, go find it. It could be what your life is all about.

I had that feeling again today, about 45 years later, as I was mulching my new vegetable garden, with free mulch from the Town of Carrboro, Municipal Center. YES! Black gold for free – not bad! A pile of lovely leaf mold, as big as a house, and there for the taking, to improve plant growth and save water throughout our hot summer days.

Big mulch pile.

A pile of black gold, as big as a house. Bigger than a house. Big as a dream. In the middle is my huge plastic sac, I’m filling with mulch. Photo by FitOldDog.

After mulching my first few plants of the season, I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee in complete contentment, feeling that I had come home.

A truly Candide moment.

Find yours, before it’s too late.


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