The Shadow Of Doom On Your Bike Or In The Vegetable Garden

The shadow of doom over FitOldDog's brassicas.

The shadow of doom over FitOldDog’s brassicas. Photo by FitOldDog.

FitOldDog's bike mirror.

Your bike mirror can save your life, so get one! I love this mirror, it gives a wide-angle view.

Fate has a way of tapping gently on the door, in the form of a cabbage white butterfly or a timid driver in your bike mirror.

The cabbage white foretells the destruction of your brassicas. So, apply your BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) before it’s too late.

The timid driver, sitting on your tail for ages, foretells your potential demise, because as sure as eggs are eggs, on the tail of the timid driver is a really pissed off person, who will blame you, innocently enjoying your bike ride, for slowing them down, which is close to being a capital crime in their mind. So, be prepared to get off of the road, before it’s too late.

Happened today, and the angry guy nearly drove us both off into the ditch, speeding by in a very large car, inches from our fragile bikes and bodies. I saw it coming in my mirror, as several cars jockeyed to get around the timid driver, behind us on a narrow country road, so I was pretty well on the grass before the monster driver headed our way. Just a touch from a car wing mirror at speed can take you down!

 I do enjoy gardening and biking, anyway. Wish I could tip a happy drug on those drivers, to calm their minds and shrivel their egos, substituting friendly sharing in place of near death to random cyclists.


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