The Universe Is Best Understood By Seeing Connections And Integrating Them Into Your Road Map Of Life


Hi folks,

contemplation, camping chair, FitOldDog on the road,

FitOldDog's camping chair where he likes to drink tea and contemplate the nature of things on his way to races.

I was sitting in my blue camping chair, waiting for my eggs to cook on the Colman stove that I’ve been using for over 40 years, when my mind put together two apparently diverse ideas, thoughts on the role of sheer stress in mucus flow and the therapeutic effects of making noises during my Continuum lessons. I realized that I was dealing with two applications of the same thing, vibrations in a visco-elastic medium, mucus in one case and tissue (fascia, muscle, bone, and so forth) in the other. Living tissues are visco-elastic, or Non-Newtonian, in that their nature, liquid versus solid (or elastic), is a function of the stresses placed upon them. Such materials are much like good paint that is easy to apply (liquid) under the stress of the brush stroke, but doesn’t drip down the wall (solid or gel) once the brushing is done.

Two eggs over easy, camping, FitOldDog's breakfast of champions,

FitOldDog's breakfast of a lifetime, two eggs over easy on whole-wheat toast, cooked out of the back of his truck on the way to the Eagleman Half Ironman race.

I recommend that you watch the videos that are embedded in two of my blog posts, one showing a mucociliary apparatus of the frog as it responds to formaldehyde exposure, and another in which I demonstrate my first Continuum lesson. Consider the stresses involved and their changing frequencies, bring the two ideas together in your mind, and make a oneness out of ‘dynamic frog slime‘ and the impact of sound vibration on ‘FitOldDog’s fascial resistance.’

See, it all makes sense!

People love to divide the Universe up into ‘digestible’ bits and pieces, such as countries, disciplines and spiritual paths, but the thing itself, the Universe, is all of a oneness, and a weird oneness at that. If you integrate your exercise program into your intellectual life, and vice versa, I think that you will find that it all comes together in a much more healthy way.

Just turn off the TV and think about it.

-k @FitOldDog


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