Like This Or Like This? When It Comes To Body Movement Only You Know Best, With A Little Awareness Education

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Earth viewWhen it comes to body movement, for anyone traveling across the surface of this beautiful but dangerous planet, be they athlete or not, head position, eye position, foot strike angle, shoulder blade mobility, and hundreds of other little things, especially ‘mind position’, can make the difference between moving freely and being crippled up on the couch.

I couldn’t resist using the following video clip from YouTube after watching a swim video about head position in the water yesterday. Triathletes actually do say this stuff all the time, and they say it because it’s important to them and their sport.

Like this, or like this?

Your body will tell you if you listen, so consider some body awareness training, starting with posture.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. It sounds very much like you, except they didn’t say anything about negative split.

  2. True! I was told I couldn’t negative split the Lake Placid Ironman run but I did. I just screwed up the first loop, making it easy.

  3. I saw you on the webcam, bike to run.

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