If You Have Tight Calves Try Stretching Your Hamstrings


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Chez Ollie Click image for source of  tee by Duncan Morgan.

As an aging Ironman triathlete, I find that I have to work increasingly on flexibility and injury control. This isn’t really a matter of increased time so much as increased consistency. I have also noticed that when I have a tight muscle somewhere, the problem generally originates somewhere other than the site of my symptoms. A good example is my intermittently tight calves. As often as not, if I stretch a tight calf it does no good, but if I stretch the ipsilateral (same side) hamstring muscles the calf may soften and let go. Other times the tightness in my calves is coming from how I’m using my feet or issues in my hips.

Another way to loosen your muscles is to stay light hearted, a feeling that is expressed in this Chez Ollie. In fact, light heartedness is one of the key aspects of my program of safe exercise for better health. If you project a feeling of ‘chilling out’ to a tight muscle it will often be enough to encourage it to let go and relax.

This is the Jeet Kune Do approach to life-long training, use what works and leave the rest behind.

OH! YES! Once you’ve relaxed that tight muscle, remember that underneath tightness lies weakness, so modify your exercise program to strengthen that part of your musculoskeletal system.

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