Training Whilst Traveling: Interesting In-Flight Story, A Beach, A Hill, and No Excuses

Hi! Folks,

Training whilst traveling can be quite a challenge sometimes, but you have to do it if you want to ‘stay in the race.’ I was doing my usual in-flight workout and stretching (or should I say lengthening?) routine on a trip from the US to Paris when a flight attendant first asked me if I was unwell (mid-pigeon stretch, flat on the floor!) and, once assured of my good health, then proceeded to tell me an interesting story. He said that during a flight from Chicago to Europe the pilot heard a loud knocking sound coming from behind him when they were about two hours out over the Atlantic. The pilot completed all checks, and all appeared well according to the instruments. Then he called ground engineers for advice as the knocking sound in the front left side of the plane, just behind the cockpit, continued unabated. The flight attendants could just hear the knocking sound and did a thorough search but they failed to find anything odd. The plane was about to return to Chicago, after the knocking sound had continued for about one hour, when it abruptly ceased. Then the flight attendant telling me the story said that a guy comes out of the rest room at the front of the first class compartment (I forgot to say it was during the night and all the passengers were asleep) all in a lather and in running gear. This guy had been doing on the spot running for an hour and the sound transmitted to the pilot for some reason. The pilot was alerted, and the flight continued uneventfully. I do on the spot running sometimes, but never in the rest room!! Which brings us to training whilst traveling.

One thing that I found in my business life, which is currently in abeyance, was that training, especially running, with colleagues on business trips is (a) a great way to network and develop collaborative projects, (b) to see things that you would never see otherwise, and of course, (c) to stay on track with your training. There is always some way to workout, even on a plane – for instance you can do isometrics and core training in a small seat if you are forced to! Here, in Torrevieja, Spain, I am marooned without my bike, a gym, a track, or a swimming pool, and the sea is too rough and cold to be safe, but I have a great hill, a long beach, and a floor at my Mom/Sister’s house. So! I searched around a bit on the web, found a great article on core training for distance runners, studied it, and with the hill for repeats, the beach for barefoot running combined with core workouts, and a good floor, I have no excuses for becoming a lard-ass!

There are rarely valid excuses for missing your workouts. Just use your imagination combined with gravity.

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. Rory Conolly says

    Suppose you already are a lard-ass?

  2. Catharine Hennessy says

    Body weight training is fantastic. I have been studying it for a while and incorporating it into my own workouts. There is never an excuse not to exercise; all you need is a little gravity and a little space, about the size of an airplane aisle. Keep it up!

  3. Kevin Morgan says

    Hi Catharine,

    Boy! I wrote that one ages ago. I’d forgotten. It’s the one about the guy running in the bathroom, which nearly caused the plane to turn around.

    Yep! No excuse is a good excuse, though there can be good reasons.

    I hope you are doing well.

    -k @FitOldDog

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