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Best defense against sports injuries is your mind.

This article recounts the history and nature of our product, and explains why you should consider giving us a try. Or, you can click on the image, which will take you to our sales page, and if you don’t like it, go to page three for other methods that we consider appropriate (none are as good or as reasonably priced as ours, but we want you to be happy, and pain free). Happy trails – FitOldDog.


I think that I am correct in saying that no-one, absolutely no-one, really understands so-called plantar fasciitis (fasciosis?).

Finishing 2014 Eagleman pissed

This is what I look like when I try to run with pain in my legs, especially when in my feet. Not pleased!

Plantar fasciitis isn’t a condition, it’s a complex of different conditions, leading to similar symptoms.

Some things are known about this painful condition, but there are many different treatments, some of which work for some people and some of which work for others. Until the biology of fascia (certain type or types of connective tissue in the body) is more fully understood, there will be no consensus on the nature or treatment of this condition.

For instance:

One guy I know, Gary, who had a persistent case of plantar fasciitis, did his planned 100-mile (yes, 100 miles) run anyway, and at about 60 miles his foot pain vanished, never to return. In some respects this is surprising, but maybe not – see step 5 of our method, but you’ll have to buy the book!

Another long-distance runner, I met at a triathlon training camp, who tried the same approach of running through the pain, simultaneously tore both plantar fasciae and ended having foot surgery (Ouch! We all winced!).

So, should I recommend long-distance running for foot pain.

No way!

The real trick is to decode your case of plantar fasciitis, then fix it, but you have to know what to fix!

FitOldDog cured his plantar fasciitis then went on to qualify for the 2009 Boston Marathon, at age 66

How our plantar fasciitis product came about:

FitOldDog's finish time for the Boston Marathon 2009

Still proud of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Life is a trip, but you have to grab it by the balls!

Several years ago, I suffered from crippling heel pain, had plantar fasciitis diagnosed by my sports medicine physician, and went on a long journey, seeking the holy grail of plantar fasciitis therapy. I tried the boot, the sock, orthotics, massage, ice and rest, and stretching my calves, to no avail. Finally, my eldest son, Nick, said, “Dad, why don’t you try rollers, they’re great.” I did, and then wrote a blog post about my experience, entitled, “I Fixed My Plantar Fasciitis With A TriggerPoint Performance Therapy Roller (Sigh Of Relief!).” I then went on to qualify for the Boston Marathon, 2009.

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Great rollers. Click image for link.

The amount of traffic to that blog post surprised me, as I had no particular interest in plantar fasciitis, except to fix mine. Then I received a message from my son, Nick, saying a friend of his had found my blog post, not knowing who I was or my relationship to Nick, and had similar success using rollers. He later wrote a great review of our plantar fasciitis product;

“After 4 months of enduring the pain of plantar fasciitis and following all the wrong instructions from friends (rest, nighttime boot, ice, etc) I came across FitOldDog’s guide and it’s been nothing short of amazing.  Within a few days I saw results and was walking my dog again without fear and now I’m up to 4 mile runs….now I just need to get in shape for the marathon I signed up for.” Ryan

This got the wheels turning in my brain, and I thought, “This would be a great thing to do for people, plus I might make enough to cover my costs if I can get the marketing and sales part right, so I’m giving it a try.”

There’s more, unless you want to jump straight to our sales page, and if so

Click to limberfeet.comThe story gets to be even more interesting, and we want to help you to make the right choice for you, and there are choices, as you will see later (we’ll take you there, in fact, just see page 3 of our product website).

FitOldDog Undertakes Body Awareness Training

FitOldDog's gear

Here are some of the things I use to keep my old body out there, on the Ironman race course, at age 71. Photo by FitOldDog

This experience, and a chronic problem with my right knee, resulted in my interest in the study of body awareness, and finally to my collaborator, Rebecca Amis Lawson. I was fortunate to be sequently introduced first to Feldenkrais, with Karen, and then to the study of Continuum with Rebecca.

I’m sure most of you don’t want a long lecture on the biology (or what little is known about it) of fascia, and the rigors of body awareness training, attending endless classes, buying and reading books on fascia from end to end, paying for massages and instruction.

You just want to fix your painful feet and get rid of your plantar fasciitis! Right?

FitOldDog Works With His Body Awareness Expert, Rebecca To Develop A New Method For Treating Plantar Fasciitis, Inexpensively

FitOldDog with Rebecca, his body movement teacher.

FitOldDog with his body movement teacher, Rebecca, who helps to keep his old body moving along the pool, the road, and the trail. Wearing our brand. Selfie by FitOldDog.

We first developed our method as a series of videos, with a downloadable document, advertised it, had a few customers, one of which was Rosemary. A number of questions came our way on the nature of her pain, and how to use our method, until it became clear that we needed to determine the source of her condition.

We requested that Rosemary send us a video of her standing and walking, which she kindly did. The source of Rosemary’s problem was immediately evident, collapsed or fallen arches, also known as flat feet. We expanded our product to provide more direction on her specific condition, and she recovered, and then kindly wrote the following review of our approach.

Rosemary’s review on Amazon:

FitOldDog's plantar fasciitis e-bookI am able to jump on my trampoline again January 23, 2014, By R. Glean

“I ordered this book after injuring myself in April 2013. I had just finished moving all of my belongings from one apartment building to the one next door. I figured that I could handle it since it was such a short distance, but just days afterward I could barely stand without wincing. I had to stop jumping/running on my trampoline immediately, which was very difficult to adjust to the physical inactivity. I talked to my doctor and she indicated it was plantar fasciitis. I stretched and got one of those night boots, wearing it faithfully with no results. When I found this book while looking on the internet I decided to give it a try since Kevin was a very accomplished (and mature) athlete. At first I followed the basic suggestions provided and was still in pain. I decided to email him. Amazingly he emailed me back and based on my problems he and his wonderful dance teacher, Rebecca added more to the program. I have followed the protocol suggested by both as best as I can remember to on a regular basis and now I have NO PAIN when I walk. I have slowly returned to my beloved trampoline at very minimal weekly increments, starting at 30 seconds and am now up to 16 minutes, again with no pain. I was very impressed with Kevin’s follow through of every detail and appreciated that these are things that anybody, and I mean ANYBODY can do to regain the health of their feet. If you are willing to put a little work and a lot of love into your feet get this book. Kudos to Kevin and Rebecca!”

Our success with Rosemary, which continues almost a year later, encouraged us to put work into improving our product, first as an e-book to explore the market. It turns out, based on our research, that:

a. A LOT of people have plantar fasciitis.

b. Our book is good, but it needs improving for clarity.

So, we are currently updating both the book and generating a much improved video, which will come out this year as a DVD and paperback, and as a downloadable video and book set.

But don’t wait, read our book, stay in touch and you’ll get the new book for free and a discount on the new video when it comes out.

In order to get started with fixing your pain,

Click to

Then send us your e-mail address and we’ll add you to our plantar fasciitis newsletter mailing list and give you discounts on new products as they come out.

Life is much too much fun to waste on plantar fasciitis.

You can’t do this with plantar fasciitis! 


  1. $179 for the roller kit isn’t in my budget. Darn.

    • Hi Marsha! That’s for the full kit, but the best roller is only $59. There are many other alternatives on the market. I should do a review. Or you can make rollers out of household stuff. For instance, a plastic water bottle filled with water can be frozen, and if you get the filling and freeze right it makes a great roller, whilst applying ice therapy. A wine bottle is good, but pretty hard, so you have to be careful not to bruise yourself, and so on. I tried to link to that one roller, but they haven’t got that set up yet – I should tell them. -k

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