The Three Triathlon Success Keys

Three Triathlon Success Keys

(1) Learn How to Balance in the Water

triathlon success keys

Achieve balance in the water.

If you don’t you’ll be fighting the water, and fighting for air, the whole time. Not efficient, not fun.

How? Study total immersion swimming.

(2) Get a Bike That Fits

triathlon success keys

Have bike fit by a skilled expert.

How? Find a great bike-fit lab, as I did at BiCycle Lab.

If you don’t you’ll be in pain, A LOT OF PAIN!

triathlon success keys FitOldDog's Guru

My Guru fits like a glove, thanks Victor.

Click the image if you’re interested in that book.

(3) Never Heel Strike When You Run

triathlon success keys, don't heel strike

You must master safe running with no heel strike.

If you learn anything about running, learn how to run without heel striking.

Of course, there are loads of other things to learn:

  • Pacing yourself.
  • Finding a great coach.
  • Mastering bike skills, without being killed on the roads.
  • Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning.
  • Keeping your spouse and kids happy, while you do this.
  • Knowing the difference between good and bad pain.
  • etc…

Wishing you all the enjoyment in the world with this wonderful sport.

kev aka FitOldDog


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