A True Story Of Plantar Fasciitis Research, Chapter One!

Plantar Fasciitis Research

Badly needed!

More a story about research on a shoestring, than plantar fasciitis.

Made possible by the Internet, but still not easy!

This is my story about a plantar fasciitis research journey, of five years duration (so far), on a shoestring budget.

There is a lot to learn about this horrible condition, better known, in my opinion, as acute morning heel pain with progression, or in the words of a pathologist (which I am, by training), Episodic Idiopathic Calcaneal Nociceptive Pain (EICNP). The story will continue on my Plantar Fasciitis Facebook Page, one chapter at a time.

I’m up to Chapter 4, and moving along. What a fascinating journey, I’ve enjoyed.

Wishing you happy feet,



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