The Two Types Of Ironman Event, Zebra Fish Or Snail

There are two types of Ironman Event

Rush to the finish to win your age-group (Racers) versus just try to finish (Climbers)

When you’re just trying to finish, it’s more like climbing a mountain than racing!

But you meet the nicest people at the back of the pack!

My new Ironman Over 50 mentoring service is designed for the latter, first timers over 50!

FitOldDog's snail cleans his fish tank, and he thinks of two types of Ironman event.

Henrietta sure cleaned up that tank, you can actually see the zebra fish. She just plods along, and gets it done.

FitOldDog's snail, Henrietta. Had me thinking about two types of Ironman event.

Henrietta! Great snail! Photo by FitOldDog, with permission.

When it comes to race or climb, for an ironman event, I’ve done both, several times! Sometimes you’re close to winning your age-group. Other times you are just happy to make it in under 17 hours. Each is a completely different Ironman event, from the competitors perspective.

There is a third type of Ironman event. The DNF (but that’s another, very interesting, story).

I thought of racers versus climbers, while completing a 2-hour trainer ride, the other day. As I prepare for Louisville Ironman 2016. I was watching my new friend. Henrietta! A snail, who cleans my fish tank. There are two zebra fish in the tank, and they became lost into the murky green, until Henrietta got to work.

I noticed that the zebra fish, George and Henry, live on a different time scale to Henrietta. It’s only by being perched on my CompuTrainer for ages that I got to know Henrietta’s behavior. She/He (snails are hermaphrodite) works steadily around the tank. When she (let’s say she!) gets to the top, she has two ways to get down.

Crawl or jump!

I’ve seen both! Did you know that?

In the background, the zebra fish just rush around. I don’t know where they think they’re going, but my impression is that they are having a fine old time.

Well, I’m like Henrietta, slow and steady. Busy training for Louisville Ironman 2016.

Wonder if I can do a better job than in 2013, where I was third in my age group. Missing a Kona slot by one roll-down position.

Who do you want to be like, George and Henry, rushing around, or Henrietta, just getting the job done.

Happy Trails.



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