Use Good Road Sense, Whether Human Or Squirrel, And Don’t Put Off Joy, Just In Case!

Bumper sticker, don't postpone joy.

Don’t postpone joy – great motto that flashed by me, while waiting at a red light. Photo by FitOldDog.

For humans and squirrels with poor road sense, cars and bikes can be fatal. Furthermore, we all make mistakes, so take that bumper sticker seriously, while you can.

Dead squirrel

Sure made me feel bad, like I did when I accidentally killed a lovely little jumping spider, while washing dishes. Hate it when these things happen. Photo by FitOldDog after riding over the poor guy on my bike.

I was driving to the swimming pool today, and two girls on bikes, riding on the foot path, just rode across the road in front of me, from one part of the footpath to another, oblivious of my existence. This is exactly how someone was killed recently, near our home. Fortunately, I’m a slow (some say irritatingly), careful driver, and there was no problem

When it came to subsequent bike ride, I was just cruising along, and a squirrel appeared out of nowhere, placing its head under my front, and them my back, wheel. CRUNCH! I stopped (carefully, watching for traffic), and went back to find a very dead squirrel. It made me sad, but what could I do? Nothing. Not ride my bike, or say, “Well, that’s natural selection doing it’s thing.

So, drive carefully. If killing a squirrel feels bad, imagine a human. It could ruin your life, too!

Drive with care, whether you are on your bike or in a car. Wish I could explain that to the squirrels and deer around here.

Oh! Yes! And we all make mistakes, so take that bumper sticker seriously, as it might be your last chance.

This might be as good as it gets!!


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