Be Fit For Fast Vascular Surgery Recovery And Happiness!

Surgery Recovery And Happiness?

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It really does pay to stay fit, if you want to brave the stormy seas of surgery. Drugs that help, but beat you up. Little sleep as they stab holes in you every couple of hours. (Oh! Yes! And have great surgeons and nurses!)

And this time? You’ll have to lay there, on your back, without moving that left leg! They couldn’t find a pulse in my left leg, even with ultrasound doppler! Oh Boy! Stent blocked, kinked and clotted – completely, at the common iliac.

“How long do I have to lie here?”

It depends, 24-36 hours! (Damn! Sure am glad I went to the bathroom before I came here, and I’m sure I can master peeing on my back! Funny the thoughts one has at such times!)

I survived, recovered quickly, and back on my feet. I’m sure my fitness level helps a lot – see, I’m smiling and it’s only four days later.

Off to England in the morning – our 50th Vet School Graduation Dinner (50 years!!!!).

Life is good, thanks to vascular surgery, and the army of people who make it happen.

Back on the 4th of July.

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PS If you want to read an ebook on improving your body movement skills, with lots of veterinary stories, just click the book, below, while the paperback edition, under the title Prepare for Aging, is available at this link.

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