FitOldDog’s Two Year Vegan Ironman Anniversary

Two Year Vegan Ironman Anniversary

No Kwashiorkor Yet!

Kwashiorkor: A form of malnutrition caused by protein deficiency in the diet, typically affecting young children in the tropics.

vegan ironman

What could be better than homegrown food? Just about ready to prepare the fall garden for overwintered produce.

The funny thing about my two years on a dairy-free, meat-free, eggs-free (vegan) diet, is how easy it was to do. Furthermore, it seemed to have no impact at all on my ability to continue Ironman training (unlike my aortic disease, which did face some bumps in the road!), while dramatically improving my prostate health!

My advantage, when it comes to being a vegan Ironman, lies in a love of vegetable gardening and cooking. Being a veterinarian, I also have a duty to reduce animal suffering, an additional motivator.

You should try it! Why?

Because food just tastes better without all that animal fat.

vegan ironmanAnd it’s kinder to animals!

My hypothesis, concerning improved gustatory sensitivity on a vegan diet:

Animal fats might clog up your taste buds!

Anyway, after two years, I suspect this is a permanent change, unless I’m stranded in northern Alaska. Then it’s moose and salmon, whether I like it or not!

Wishing you happy trails.

kev aka FitOldDog



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