Vegan Nutrition Carboloading: Potatoes, Rice, Pasta Or Bread, And B12?

Vegan nutrition is a fascinating topic.

Especially for the plant-based athlete.

Vegan nutrion; roast potato sandwich.

Roast potato sandwich, as a substitute for the English Chip Butty. Cuisine and photo by FitOldDog.

Vegan nutrition? A contentious topic, in many circles!

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Vegan nutrition: What family thinks of me being vegan.Vegan nutrition, doing it right. First, let’s get vitamin B12 out of the way – does our need for B12 mean we have to eat meat? No! Just read this article, entitled:

“Vital Wisdom: A Journey of Food, Fitness, Freedom and Philosophy”

This article makes sense of the role of evolution in our dietary needs, with respect to vitamin B12. Fascinating.

That all I have to say, on B12, except to say,

  1. Read the article,
  2. Don’t be too clean,
  3. Grub around the dirt a bit, and,
  4. I take a supplement!

Now to the meat and potatoes of my post, it’s short and sweet.

It’s a question!

Why do I never tire of potatoes or bread, but I soon get fed up with rice or pasta?

Anyone know?

Is it related to vegan nutrition, or because I’m English?

Deb says it’s because of their nutritional value. That makes sense!

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