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Hi folks,

Toadstool or mushroom

Toadstool or mushroom? What is more delicate or tough?

Biological systems are strong but fragile, and remarkably persistent. They survive within well-defined environmental limits on this beautiful blue planet. A little too hot, a little too cold, or dry, or windy, including solar or tectonic windy, and POOF, another mass extinction to add to the list. We humans are not immune from these effects, so take care of your body and mind, and enjoy them to the full, which is why I wake up mine slowly each morning, whenever I can.

I recommend that you go to bed early and wake up early, if that suits your Biological clock. When you awake, don’t just leap out of bed, and whatever you do don’t turn on your lights and electronic gadgets. This is just another way of distracting yourself from real life.

Fig Tree

FitOldDog’s little fig tree. Looks dead after every frost, and comes back in the spring to yield more figs (for the deer to eat!) every year.

I find that my days start best when I first wiggle my toes, my legs, my hips, then gently move all major muscle groups. This is followed by employing gravity to sit up, rather than fighting it, which just takes a little body awareness, and maybe some Feldenkrais training.

Add in an hour or two of meditation before the rest of the household comes back to life. What better way to start the rest of your life? This is certainly a key component of my program of safe exercise for better health.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. How different from how I jump up! I almost always forget about my plantar fasciitis and sometimes feel like it might knock me over with the pain. But I limp along until it subsides and try to remind myself that tomorrow I must take more care when getting out of bed. Dang foot!

    By the way, I emailed Deborah about us working out a get together. We’d love to feed you all to thank you for your extreme generosity!!

  2. No, when I wake up I am wide awake instantly. I just have to get up. I grant you I do not rush and tear about but laying there is not for my metabolism.
    I do my best writing before anyone else is awake. My muse seems to be an early riser as well.
    Sorry, I think you got it half wrong with this one. There are morning people and there are evening people. They pass each other during the day…

    • Hi Trevor, I did pay lip service to those not-morning people with this statement, “if that suits your Biological clock.” I find that they hate being around happy morning people when they eventually wake up. To each his own. -kevin

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