Watch Out For Those First Subtle Signs Of Change


Hi folks,

Wolf spider web covered with early morning dew.

A large wolf spider web covered with early morning dew, in wait for me on our porch. You may have to look carefully, it’s subtle.

The first vague indication of fall, for me at least, comes as a cool morning walk with that feeling of winter on the way. The first sure sign of fall comes in a more sinister form, for the arachnophobe, wolf spider webs. If you run trails on an autumn morning in the North Carolina piedmont, there they are, sometimes hundreds of them, barring your way, each huge web having a ‘large’ scary spider in the center. I find it odd that I am so uncomfortable around these relatively harmless animals, a bare half-inch in diameter, but they give me the willies. In contrast, I seem to have no real fear of rattlesnakes, creatures that could actually kill me quite easily. This is evidence of a non-logical approach to potential threats, in which emotions clearly play a role.

The FitOldDog Safe Exercise Wheel runs clockwise, starting at the top, with reward or celebration as a critical final component of each cycle.

Click for Podcast describing the FitOldDog approach to safe exercise and endurance training.

When it comes to safe exercise for better health you need to consider logic (does this make sense), emotion (does this feel right to me), and those subtle early warning signs of change, both trouble (tightness, persistent discomfort, mild nausea or dizziness) and improvement (slight increases in speed and endurance, decreased resting pulse). I see a lot of exercise programs out there, but I find very few that suggest one should focus on body awareness before embarking on exercise. I consider this to be a huge mistake. This is why the consideration of balance, symmetry, core, posture and flexibility are included in the very first steps of the FitOldDog training wheel. This is especially important for older people or those recovering from aortic surgery or other life-threatening health problems.

It just makes sense!

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Kevin, Makes a lot of sense!! Since I got your email yesterday I have been trying to take breath, listen to my body and enjoy the journey 🙂 I was good up to the patience part. I am in short supply waiting for my ankle to heal. Thanks again for all your advice.

  2. My pleasure, Lani, and I hope we meet you at an Ironman race one day. Have fun in Florida. -kevin

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