Why I Wear Nose Clips In The Pool, And Its Not Too Late To Sign Up For The FastForward Triathlon Camp

Hi! Folks,

Ever heard of Chez Ollie? Years ago I noticed that I was reacting to swimming pools by sneezing and sneezing for an hour or two after leaving the pool. It felt like any other upper respiratory allergic reaction. The pool is loaded with chlorine, a powerful oxidizing agent, so who knows what it might do to your nose. It certainly dries out our hair and skin, and it irritates our eyes. A friend recommended nose clips, I gave it a try, and the problem vanished! Here I am with my nose clips, but you can see that there is one problem – they sure look dorky!!

The author, wisely wearing his nose clips in the pool. You only need them if you suffer from 'chlorine allergy.'

I find that seawater also tends to irritate my nose, and the clips work equally well when swimming in the sea. Not everyone has this problem, but if you do you have to choose between sneezing and dorky! I choose dorky every time!



PS I’ve signed up for the FastForward White Lake Triathlon Camp. You should give it a try. Every such camp I have ever attended has helped me in many ways.


  1. Rory Conolly says

    It’s not the nose clips…

  2. Mike Terhaar says

    I wear a nose clip as well for the very same reason. I suffered similar chlorine-related symptoms after swimming and starting wearing a nose clip at the suggestion of a friend. That was when I was in college taking a lap-swimming class for P.E. A girl in that class wore a nose clip for sinus problems and told me that it totally solved the problem for her and suggested that I give it try. I wore one for the next class and never had another problem. I am 47 years old and I have worn a nose clip ever since and have never suffered any more sinus problems. I swim several days a week and I highly recommend the use of a nose clip for anyone that suffers from sinus problems after swimming.

    • Hi Mike,
      I agree they really work. I forgot my nose clips in my last race, and had the most horrible swim and was sneezing for the first hour on the bike. I try to never forget them. It’s funny how well they work. They even seem to reduce post-swim eye irritation – how odd – guess it’s a Substance P reflex arc or something.
      Thanks for the comment, it’s appreciated.

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