Wine Bottle Travel Tip For Plantar Fasciitis From FitOldDog


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Hi folks,

I was wondering how I would deal with running on my trip to Australia without my trusty rollers, because I don’t want my plantar fasciitis to come back. Then, whilst making my morning cup of tea, I thought, “What about a wine bottle.” I tried a bottle of California Petite Sirah on my calf muscles, and it felt much like my large Trigger Point Performance Therapy roller, just a little harder.

So! That is one less thing to worry about. I can drink some wine afterwards to celebrate my brilliant idea, and they make some excellent wines in Australia.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. I bet it works better if the bottle is empty!

  2. That’s true, though you could use delayed gratification, and enjoy a post-roller moment. -kevin

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