Work On Balance And Lower Leg Strength To Reduce Risk Of Ankle Injuries Whilst Running Trails


Hi folks,

Johnny's in Carrboro

I couldn’t resist including this lovely picture of Johnny’s, our little grocery store, coffee shop, and neighborhood hangout, which is where I often go after a run, especially a long wet cold run, as I always feel good when I go in there. Photo by the Co-Manager, Meghan Truesdell.

I was running along a trail today, having a great time, when my left foot landed on the edge of a rock hidden under leaves. My left foot rolled to the left, my body dropped to transfer my entire weight to my right foot, allowing me to lift my left leg and place it safely ahead of the rock, and continue with my run. These things happen in a moment, and the outcome can be an interesting experience or a broken ankle. This is where balance training, body awareness, ankle flexibility, lower leg strength, and your overall running posture, can save you from disaster. Here is a short video of the equipment I use to prepare for such challenges on the trail, my Power Systems VersaDiscs – had them for years, and they’re great.

This is all part of my system of safe exercise for better health, as I hope to enjoy running for years to come, even though I am approaching the age of 70 – where on Earth did all those years go?

-k @FitOldDog



  1. If you keep using words like “whilst” people will figure out that you are English, or that you have pretensions to being an intellectual.

  2. Whilst you don’t like my using the word whilst for some odd reason, I consider it to be a regular kind of word, and whilst you seem to be associating it with some kind of snobbery, I find it quite soothing to the soul, and whilst I attended a regular red-brick English establishment, I bet you went to fancy ol’ American Hah-vard and just don’t understand good ol’ plain English, and yes, whilst you have been riding on the road I’ve been preparing to ride with you using good ol’ Power Cranks. I hope that you sleep soundly my friend, kind regards, kevin

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