The World Is Full Of Challenging Experiences, And So Is Plantar Fasciitis

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As you age, you have to be constantly vigilant of training stresses, as a stitch in time most certainly saves nine! Furthermore, if something doesn’t work, try something else!

Bumper sticker about being born again.

I love this bumper sticker, because it should make both sides think. More tolerant people will consider it carefully, instead of tumbling into automatic hostility. I never did understand the need to be born again, or to grow up for that matter.

I got out of bed this morning and to my surprise my feet hurt. They hurt a lot – plantar fasciitis (veterinarian heal thyself?). It was a very diffuse form.

Think of this: I’m slowly ramping up my training, back from a second aortic surgery last December, to the July, 2014, Lake Placid Ironman. The details are on parallel posts under the category, ‘Training Diary,’ if you’re interested in the gory details. The swim came back quickly, soon up to 5,000 yards.

Then the bike recovered, pretty well, with some loss of power due to my being forced to take several months off of my usual training. I did my first 100-mile ride a few weeks ago, and no problems.

FitOldDog using Triggerpoint Performance Roller in bed.

You don’t have to make a big song and dance with rollers. You can even use them in bed – the trick is to find those tight spots and work away at them gently but firmly.

Then I started to tackle the run, the weakest of my sports. I struggled with a tight right calf, an old problem, and once that was fixed I picked up the pace. Little speed work, and then a couple of days ago I completed two 2-mile easy runs in one day. Everything fine, until this morning. Foot pain!

I have been neglecting my stretching and rolling – overconfidence is dangerous for the older athlete, so beware. It’s dangerous for the younger athlete, too, come to think of it.

FitOldDog rolling his sore feet.

You can roll both feet at once if your in a hurry, but plantar fasciitis doesn’t like you to hurry.

I’ll fix it using FitOldDog’s Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, but what an odd thing.

Then there was the bird, shown in the movie above, and the adjacent bumper sticker, containing a somewhat hostile message, but an interesting one.

That’s what I love about this planet of ours, it’s full of fascinating things.

OK! Back to my trusty TriggerPoint Performance Roller.

-k @FitOldDog


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