Other Worlds, Paleo Breakfast After Thanksgiving, And Jess’s TV Gift To FitOldDog’s Family

Great salmon meals by The International Kitchen, including salmon mousse.

Great salmon meals by The International Kitchen, including salmon mousse. Click image for relevant link.

Hi folks, welcome to another lovely day!

The Gunslinger Stephen King“Go then! There are other worlds than these.” Jake, ‘The Dark Tower’ by Stephen King.

Yes! I mean you, my readers! Go out and have adventures while you can. They’re just waiting for you, believe it or not. Live a dream.

I looked out of the window this morning, and there was a car with Alaska plates – friend’s visiting. More specifically, Maggie visiting from the 49th state. Don’t see too many of those plates in North Carolina, and it almost simultaneously reminded me of The Gunslinger Series (The Dark Tower) by Stephen King and salmon mousse.

The thought of visiting Alaska is exciting; another world. When I asked Maggie what she ate in Alaska, she replied, “We eat moose one day and salmon the next.” Alaska plates #2That was it! Vegetables? Fruit? Very expensive in Alaska, whereas moose and salmon are plentiful. Maggie said her dad once got up from the dinner table, picked up his bow, and killed a moose for food in the yard, returning promptly to finish is meal. Now, there’s dinner on the hoof – poor moose, I thought, but at least they only hunt for food. And then my mind turned to thoughts of food.

Breakfast the day after Thanksgiving small file

FitOldDog’s post-Thanksgiving Paleo breakfast – it doesn’t look pretty, but it sure tasted great!

I am writing this the day after Thanksgiving, 2013, a feast which involves lots of leftovers the next day (or should I say week?). I also like to confine myself largely to a low carbohydrate diet (Paleo), so which leftovers to eat for breakfast? Pretty easy really!

FitOldDog’s Breakfast Today: I took some dark meet turkey, the fatty best stuff, throwing some scraps of white meet protein cardboard to the appreciative dogs, sautéed it in pasture butter, added some ‘stand up on it’s own’ turkey gravy, topped the meal with cold cranberry sauce (made by Deb, yum), and ate the whole thing out of the pan. Wonderful food! Then I thought about the previous day, spent in part with family and friends, and I was reminded of a great gift we received from my stepdaughter, Jess.

Jess's TV small file

I just cannot imagine living with a television, which in this case was nicely obscured by Jess at our Thanksgiving meal.

I have three major phobias: (1) arachnophobia, but recovering, (2) acrophobia, with lots of work to do, and (3) fear of television, for which, in spite of the popularity of two prophetic novels, 1984 by George Orwell, and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, there appears to be no single word in all the list of phobias. I find television especially disruptive during conversation in restaurants and the family. When I met Deb I was bowled over, but one of many things that endeared me to her, and which probably accounts, in part at least, for the longevity of our relationship, was the absence of a television in her home. Amusing Ourselves to DeathSo, when I arrived for a Thanksgiving meal at Jess’s father’s home, where I was invited by all, to my pleasant surprise she had addressed the television issue perfectly (see image above). As a result of which we enjoyed a very pleasant conversation, uninterrupted by people stopping to stare at the TV – even cell phones were reasonably well controlled by most.

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving, Jess!

-k @FitOldDog



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