Yoga Toes Made My Feet The Same Size

FitOldDog's injury map.

Physical injuries took me on a long journey to the study of body-awareness, and the value of Yoga Toes. This ultimately led to the FitOldDog Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Guide.

Yoga Toes Spread Your Feet To Improve Function

Part Of The Art And Science Of Fixing Injuries

Yoga Toes Saved Me A Fortune In Running Shoes!

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Fifty (50) years ago I broke my right ankle in a motorcycle accident.

FitOldDog in Yoga Toes

Yoga Toes really spread your feet, increasing flexibility and improving function.

This led to my guarding (chronic psychosomatic tension) the broken bone (medial malleolus of the tibia).

I would fold my little toes together, pull in my big toe, and twist my ankle laterally. I did this to remove perceived stress from of the break.

I did this when I had the plaster removed.

I did this for the next 50 years, for no good reason (that’s guarding), until we fixed it with Yoga Toes in Rebecca’s Continuum lessons.

Inappropriate guarding, both shortened my foot and messed with my gait during running (that’s another long story).

With the help of my Continuum teacher, Rebecca, I have been stretching out these pesky toes and the outer edge of that foot, which was very tight. This both straightened my ankle and improves it’s flexibility.

 FitOldDog instructional video, by Rebecca.

Click to image to watch a Yoga Toes FitOldDog instructional video, by Rebecca.

Leading to better balance.

A few years ago, I was measured for custom bike shoes. Victor of BiCycleLab, placed my feet in a casting mold.

My feet were found to be one complete size different (left size 11; right size 10). Since then I had been buying odd size shoes.

The stretching of my outside right foot with yoga toes both widened and lengthened my right foot. To make it the same size as the left. Today (well, several years ago since I started this post), for the first time in years, I bought two running shoes of the same size (11), and they feel great. Unless I scrunch up my right foot. Then the right shoe feels too big. I’ve got to stop doing that.

I was looking at this blog post, and I realized that it wasn’t very convincing, so I made a crude video that I think would convince anyone. A video is worth more than a 1,000 words. Here it is:

How about that for progress in the development of a program of safe exercise for better health?

Wishing you happy, healthy feet,




  1. Pauline Watson says

    I will have to look for yoga toes – there is a chance they could help me.
    BTW I’m enjoying the gin soaked raisins.

    • Hi Pauline, yep, sorting out your connection to the ground is a great place to start fixing all the little things that changed for the not so better as we got older. A good Feldenkrais/Continuum instructor might be good for you too. If you have a group lesson it is much more affordable, but less effective. Stay in touch with the ground and see you in November – my training is way behind, but not too worried as my base is pretty solid. Now picking up the mileage. -kevin

  2. That’s fabulous, Kevin!

    • Hi Karen, it all started with the day I met you and Nancy at that table at Weaver Street about 5 years ago, and I said “You teach what? Frankenstein?” You guys, and now Rebecca with scream therapy and Continuum, have really changed my life for the better. Thanks so much. -kevin

  3. I’d love to try those Yoga Toes.

  4. You could buy some, but wait a few days before you do because I just asked the company if they would send you a free pair (will need mailing address if they agree), as I have been singing their praises on my blog. You never know your luck, but don’t hold your breath. -kevin

  5. Should Yoga Toes be capitalized? -k

  6. I wonder if these could help me 4 of my toes are the same length and are half the size of my big toe

  7. Hi Sarah, depends if it’s genetic, or failure of nurture. My lateral toes on my right foot were contracted due to chronic guarding of my ankle following a motorcycle accident in my teens. Whether this is the case for you or not, Yoga Toes sure help to spread the feet, improve contact with the ground, and thus improve stability, mobility and balance. I recommend them highly, based on what I’ve learned from Rebecca, who prepared a demonstration video on their use. Here is the blog post: Hope that helps. -kevin

  8. Cool product. I had not thought of yoga methods as a rehab for toes! The stretching is great, but I never would have thought it could have a full one size impact on feet.

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