You Are What You Eat; The Evolution Of FitOldDog’s Diet From English To Almost Plant Only!

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Quote from Hippocrates about health and food.

From an interesting book, that I’m reading right now, ‘Rethinking The Science Of Nutrition,’ by T. Colin Campbell.

Over the years my diet has evolved, but I’m still alive and active at age 72, though my blood chemistry has certainly improved from a severe genetic hyperlipidemia that could have damaged my pancreas, so that’s good.

I was raised on English food, with one of my favorites being Steak & Kidney pie, when I could save up enough money to buy one after a water polo match in my teens.

I loved haggis in Scotland, where we lived for 5 years, in my late twenties, and the whisky was good, too, and I really liked the Scots.

Then we encountered McDonald’s in Geneva, Switzerland, and what a treat. The kids could actually run around, and the meal was affordable, in an environment designed for adults dining on expense accounts and enjoying the best wines of Europe.

FitOldDog's veggie sandwich.

Veggie sandwich for lunch yesterday – olive oil instead of butter, on sprouted grain bread, avocado, cucumbers, boiled red potato, with Vegemite.

Then, along came dietary advice from The Omnivore’s dilemma, much of which still makes sense to me. I suspect that ruminants continue to be a critical component of the Earth’s ecosystems, but not if it means cutting down rain forests, so people can eat meat for every meal!

I then embraced the Paleo diet, which cleaned up my teeth, reduced arthritis in my fingers, and made attaining race weight (148 lbs) really easy. When it came to Ironman, however, my Cori Cycle failed to keep up with my bicycle!

Now, I’m trying an essentially plant only diet, which feels good so far.

Interestingly, the less meat and dairy I eat, the more tasty my food seems to become. We’ll see how that works long-term, as I really enjoy food, which is clearly enhanced by my Ironman training program.

I recommend that you think before you eat, listen to your body, and enjoy whatever you decide to consume.

Furthermore, your own vegetable garden can make food taste even better.

FitOldDog's home-grown vegetables.

Today’s crop. Yummy! Photo by FitOldDog.



  1. marsha schauer says

    What is a Cori cycle? Your garden bounty looks delicious. Make a great stir-fry over brown rice!

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