You Can Have Sex After Abdominal Aortic Surgery But You Might Want To Be Careful At First


You are not dead yet.  It is not too late
To open your depths by plunging into them
And drink in the life
That reveals itself quietly there.

By Rilke, reference provided to FitOldDog by Rebecca (thanks).

Hi folks,

Google Analytics map of sources of traffic to this blog

Google traffic map for Athlete With Stent over the last month, showing a wide range from 1 reader (North Dakota) to several hundred (North Carolina and California).

After writing yesterday’s blog post, I pulled out (well, downloaded to my Nook) Tim Ferriss’s book, ‘The 4-Hour Work Week,‘ and started reading it again. This got me thinking ‘out of the box’ with respect to my attempts to market my first online product, FitOldDog’s Quick Start Guide To Aortic Surgery Recovery. Remember, I am attempting to follow in Tim Ferriss’s footsteps, and gigantic footsteps they are. I would like to become one of the New Rich too (you have to read his book to understand this concept). So I wondered why I managed to generate a lot of traffic to my marketing landing page using Facebook and Google Ads, but zero conversions (purchases), except for one guy who bought a copy before my ads came out, but I’m a bit suspicious about him! I did learn a lot about which keywords work and which don’t, and the best one by far was ‘abdominal aortic surgery,’ generating traffic from all over the world. By the way, traffic to this blog has now come from every state in the USA, and almost from every country in the world. Fascinating!

Chez Ollie The other day my son, Duncan, overheard me saying “I’m not dead yet!” and before you know it it’s on a tee-shirt at redbubble.

It is critical that you understand that the Tim Ferriss model isn’t about making a lot of money, it’s about having a lot of fun and feeling good about yourself and your contribution to the world. Money is needed to do some fun things, but otherwise that is not the issue. Tim Ferriss’s book is a do it yourself guide to building a richer life. My first FitOldDog Quick Start Guide, based on my own experience, is designed to help people, whilst revenue is necessary for me to continue working on this way of life. One sale hasn’t made me one of the New Rich, but it was exciting.

Plants growing on lava in Hawaii

I couldn’t put a sexy picture of FitOldDog in here for fear of litigation, so I used this photo I took of some plants growing directly on lava (in Hawaii), and they’re having sex, that’s for sure.

Tim encourages the reader to challenge his or her own thinking patterns, so out of the box (my brain) came the thought, “My product isn’t very sexy!” Then I remembered what the surgeon said to me as we were looking at the MRI of my aorta before my aortic aneurysm surgery in 2010, and I was wondering why I wasn’t dead already – he said, “Kevin, go home, don’t do any exercise, stay very calm, don’t stress your abdomen, and whatever you do don’t have sex!” So sex and abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA)¬†came together on day one of my new life with an AAA. One thing I have noticed about guys and sex is that they never really talk about it, whilst women do all the time (guys, believe me, they do!). This is one reason why guys get so screwed up about sex, they don’t work out the issues. Take that situation and complicate it with an abdominal aortic aneurysm, and you’re having a bad day. So, I want to reassure you men out there, who have an aortic aneurysm and don’t want to lose their sex life (if they have one), it’s OK, you’ll be back, but do wait until the stitches come out and the surgeon gives you the AOK. You’ll have to ask him or her pointblank when it’s safe, and if they’re not getting any they may not want you to either, so find a happy surgeon if you can.

Joking apart, after your surgery be very careful until everything has healed – this is my advice when it comes to sex and safe exercise for better health in the case of abdominal aortic surgery. Now, I am not saying there is such a thing as safe sex, because there isn’t! Sex is one of the most dangerous activities for any living organism on planet Earth, believe you me!

Now I’ve talked about sex on my blog, I’ll see what happens to my traffic volume. This is fun. Tim was right! If the traffic picks up, I may start giving sex advice to older guys for a living. Sex as you age turned out to be much simpler than I expected, as it all comes down to good self esteem (attitude) and staying in excellent physical condition (ability).

-k @FitOldDog



  1. So can we now have two more entries on:
    Rock and roll

  2. I’ll try whatever works, and in fact, I did write a post about sex, drugs and Rock & Roll a while ago. It is a challenge reaching people with AAA, but I’ll get there eventually. Ads work but they are expensive. They took my landing page in front of everyone on Google, but I have to do your sales gedankenexperimentum and then fix my landing page.
    Come to think of it, exercise works better than Viagra, and dance is the way to a woman’s ‘heart.’ I’ll do that. Next step, the seduction blog post.

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