YOU CAN Save The Animals! The Plant-Based Veterinarian Measures His Small Contribution.

Rumi wise to change yourself

FitOldDog measures how many animals he has killed versus saved.

Every little bit counts! FitOldDog is working to redress the balance – lots to do!

With some minor life-style changes, you can save the animals.

I used to wonder about what vegans eat! Now I know! Tasty food. No! Not salads all the time! There are hundreds of choices with a plant-based diet.

I’ve always been interested in nature, of which I am but a small speck on our lovely planet. I also found myself drawn to animals, especially cats, dogs and pigs. Pigs?

I especially liked pigs. As a teenager, I worked on a pig farm for several years. We raised animals for the pork market. I found myself talking to the pigs. They would come over to ‘chat,’ and I’d scratch a back or two. They loved it, OINK! OINK! OINK! Then the truck would arrive, and off they would go, to the slaughter house.

Little did I know, that a few years hence, I would have to work in such a facility as part of  my veterinary training. I even took home free scraps of meat to supplement my limited student income. I just assumed that this is what one did.

yummy vegan food

Who says vegan food is boring.

Another student in my class, Sandy, told me that he had a nightmare, during this stage of his training. He dreamed that the animals were slaughtering and bleeding out our class, one at a time. The pigs were stringing us up on meat hooks.

The tables were turned. I found this interesting. Sandy was disturbed.

I didn’t see the paradox – I loved eat to bacon for breakfast. Scratching the backs of happy young pigs, only to eat them later.

Throughout my life, I continued to kill animals unnecessarily.  Clothing from animal products, consuming meat products of all kinds, and HORROR OF HORRORS, I became a Toxicologic Pathologist, undertaking animal testing.

All the while I ‘knew’ I was doing the right thing. Don’t forget to question the obvious!

I was killing rats and mice, and even frogs, in an attempt to understand diseases, to prevent or cure them.

Here I am, killing frogs to further understand the mysterious workings of that wonder of nature, the mucociliary apparatus.

It is easy to say, “Use alternatives to animals for safety testing, but it is not so easy to do. I have approached this complex issue in an ongoing website, The Thoughtful Toxicologist.

The real key to reducing animal testing is to change our life style – boy, that won’t be easy. I only became vegan at the age of 72.

Hidden rabbit in FitOldDog's vegetable garden.

Make a vegetable garden and learn to share! Do you see him? Photo by FitOldDog.

I eventually found ways to avoid killing animals. I drifted into applied mathematics, where I could experiment away as much I liked on my computer. No longer “a murderer of little mice” (as my French friend, Claire, likes to say).

I’m trying to make up for all the animals I killed unnecessarily. I’m feeling good about it.

YOU CAN save the animals too. You can make a difference. The effect of changing yourself spreads to those around you.

Wishing you happy trails,

FitOldDog, neophyte Plant-Based Veterinarian, another Plant-Based Athlete.


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