Young Dog Meets Old Dog And Surviving Ironman Training As An Older Athlete


Old Scooter learning to live with young Willbe, as a model for older athletes competing in Ironman races.

Scooter (10 dog years = 70 human years) learning to live with Willbe (8 dog months = 2.66 human years or 2 years 8 months, a toddler), who is full of energy and a bit overboard – think Ironman swim as an older athlete!

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Lake Placid Swim start

Once these people go horizontal things get a little rough, just like Willbe!

Our old dog, Scooter, has been dealing with a new family member, a young rambunctious Labrador, called Willbe, who we rescued from a shelter recently. It is interesting to watch how Scooter deals with a much larger dog, who wants to play and play rough. Scooter is a big dog inside, but he also seems to realize that he is a little dog on the outside. Scooter was being playfully harassed by Willbe today, and Scooter had just had enough. So he trotted under a garden seat too low for Willbe, but just right for Scooter. For an older or weaker Ironman swimmer, this is the equivalent of finding quiet water, whilst surrounded by crazy youngsters, many of whom are twice your size and have little or no idea about swim etiquette.

Photo of dog Willbe digging his way under the fence.

Willbe dug the trench and Scooter popped right on through – drafting a younger dog!

You can learn a thing or two by watching Scooter. So, remember that as you sit on the beach before your next Ironman race. Look for quiet water, draft a stronger swimmer if you can, and enjoy a refreshing cruise before climbing on your bike. That is another issue that you have to cope with if you are a strong older swimmer, a thousand bikes passing you by. Do it right and you’ll see plenty of those youngsters again on the run.

Today, Willbe decided to dig his way out of his pen. Scooter sat and watched, and as soon as the trench was big enough, out went Scooter, while Willbe became stuck.

Youth isn’t everything, for dogs or athletes, it would appear!

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