Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Graft: My Second Decade as Athlete With Stent, and Still Having Fun!

Here’s my spare Cook Zenith Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Stent Graft – Thank You Cook Medical, for everything.

Well, here we go, training for the Florida Ironman, November 7th., 2021. It’ll be really tough with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). But what’s a little pain versus amputation or sitting in a wheel chair all day? Yes! Exercise is helping to keep my vascular diseases at bay, combined with a largely plant-based diet and learning new things.

Current obsession? Learning how to write novels well. Novels that might just make a difference to the avoidable animal cruelty of factory farms and excessive meat consumption, both of which contribute to climate change.

Forget retirement and a slow boring death, have a life, I say.

Have fun!

kev aka FitOldDog

MRI images of thigh region to show effect of exercise on muscle mass.
This is why you need to exercise: Just look and learn. See how fragile the bone is in the unexercised legs; it’s not just the muscles that decay away.


  1. Hi there

    such a joy to read about your attitude to life. I had a aorta aneurism in October 2016.
    I live with my stint and love every second of my new chance in life.
    I too would love to write novels.
    I have published nine books with different subjects.
    I would love to hear more about your books.

    all the best
    Svend-Erik Engh

    • Kevin Morgan says

      Hi Svend, never thought I could write a novel, but when I started the characters took over. You just have to start. kev

  2. Alisha Darville says

    Hi Kevin

    I work for Cook Medical in Australia where a lot of these stents are made. When I first started at Cook 8 years ago it was sewing these stents. Each one is made with the utmost care and love for the best patient outcomes. It is inspiring to see you making the most of it 🙂



    • Hi Alisha, sorry for the delayed reply. Just busy, and my attention elsewhere. Where would I be without my stent extension, made in Australia. Not doing Ironman, that for sure. Thanks so much for your work. You are like my bike guy, who also loves to see his products used. When mine starts falling apart from use he’s delighted. -kev

      • I certainly hope your stent doesn’t fall apart from use :O

        I have a prosthetic disc and fusion cage in my lumbar spine. So I know what it is like to have a second chance at chasing my dreams.

        Keep smashing your goals and living your best life 🙂

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