Adapting To AngioPlasty And Stents, Intelligently!

Living With Angioplasty And Stents!

A chain is no stronger than it’s weakest link. William James

angioplasty and stentsI’m happy, busy and alive, due to angioplasty and stent grafts. One lucky guy, to live today!

I still have to adapt to these things.

The trick is to think it through (I call this the OQS Method).

So, that’s what I do, as I explain in the movie, above!

You have a choice:

Live your life, or die of boredom!

Wishing you happy trails,

kev aka FitOldDog



  1. After 5 stents in 2014 I was using ASA81, plavix (for a year), beta blockers ( for a year ) and crestor 40mg (for 3 years). I want to stop crestor as side erects I read about I don’t like. Possible dementia,
    parkinson decease, Alshaimers, low testosterone,……… I am 73 years old, exercise 3 x a week, don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat regularly pretty small portions, not much red meat, low carb diet, modest cheese consumption, no milk, no sugar (stevia only), no coffee just all kinds of herbal teas. Want to STOP
    CRESTOR and continue ONLY with ASA81 and Ramipril 5mg ( if necessary ). I am 185 pounds and
    DiveMaster (scuba) – 100 dives a year. Reduces the stress considerably though I am still working as a
    Real Estate Broker. Divorced for 35 years ( much reduced stress), 2 children,2 grand children.
    My question is: CAN I STOP TAKING STATIN ? Asking for the second opinion beside my cardiologists opinion.
    Thank you

    • Hi Milan, the old statin question. For me, personally, being a pathologist, and having seen the muscle toxicity of statins, I consider them to be dangerous poisons, of dubious value, however, it is dangerous to just dish out advice. First read this blog post on Valium, which conveys my attitude to pharmaceuticals (good friends, bad masters):
      I would then suggest that you read this article I published ages ago on statins:
      I also rejected beta-blockers, which are horribly overprescribed.
      When you ask if you can stop taking statins, the question is odd – you can do whatever you want, it’s your body, but decide wisely.
      You seem to be doing lots of good stuff for your body.
      Consider doctors to be a tool – by the way, cardiologists are the worst, in general, for arrogance and following their own script. I fail to be impressed by most of them, even though they do really valuable work.
      The key to your question: education. Read, think, question (the obvious – the mantra in my latest book), and then decide.
      It’s your body. I’m impressed by your attitude and approach.
      One cardiologist I met (they wouldn’t do my surgery without his approval!!!), wanted to put statins in the drinking water – they’re crazy that way.
      Haven’t thought about this in a while.
      I awoke early, thinking about protists having a rudimentary eye. Isn’t the universe, and especially the Biosphere amazing.
      My year sucked a bit, training messed up by 2 major surgeries, which I appreciate a LOT, horrible bronchitis, caught from my wife, who brings things home from the ER, and other stuff.
      That said, I’m still trying to continue Ironman training – never give up!
      Kind regards,
      PS The short answer is yes, but it’s always our call, unless we’re sedated!

  2. Hi Milan,
    PS Your comment revealed yet another dead link!
    Always got to fix those things. The joy of blogging.

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