Ant Philosophy? Ants Who Stop To Reflect On The Meaning Of Life?

Photo of FitOldDog at Johnny's, by Tara, who labeled it 'The Thinker.'

Photo of FitOldDog at Johnny’s, by Tara, who labeled it ‘The Thinker.’

Hi folks, welcome to another lovely day!

I consider philosophy, or thinking about thinking, to be the most important of all subjects.

I love to enjoy my morning cups (2) of tea each morning, when I just sits and thinks, and sometimes just sits. I often wonder why I do what I do, like blogging, for instance, and then I remember, it’s all explained in this little movie I had fun making today.

Do we have free will I wonder, and do some of these ants? I suspect that you have to take your will into your own hands, which requires courage, if you want to express any free will that you might have.

Happy Trails. 



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