Aortic Disease From The Patient’s Perspective, And Raindrops On Roses

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I love that line, ‘raindrops on roses,’ as it triggers all sorts of images of the beauty all around us.

Active Life SelzAs I start to ramp up my training for the Western Australia Ironman, and feel my strength and resilience returning, I reflect on how lucky I am. I didn’t have a crippling aortic dissection, just a whopping abdominal aortic aneurysm. It changed my life, making me appreciate today and all the good things in life so much. I hear people complaining about their lives, and say to myself, “I sure wish I could stop them wasting their time complaining. What about all the great stuff in their lives, however bad it is?”

People vary in their ability to overcome adversity, and one should never judge them unless you’ve been there. And if you’ve been there, judgement will be the last thing on your mind.

Tolerance and understanding are key, but in the meantime, don’t waste a moment, grab life by the balls and live.

Wishing you happy trails.



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