Before Taking Opiates Try Body Movement For Plantar Fasciitis, ITBS And Aging Mobility.

Before Taking Opiates!

Try Body Movement.

body movement cures

Think before taking opiates. There are choices!  Sometimes you need them, as I did following thoracic surgery recently. It was the only way I could do the work needed to fully re-inflate my left lung.

before taking opiates

The issue of opiate addiction, and body movement alternatives for pain treatment, came to mind recently. I was busy building a new sales funnel (see above).

I realized that I’d been making conscious modifications to my movements ever since discovering that abdominal aortic aneurysm in 2010.

Sore lower back, for instance? Maybe you have tight psoas muscles? Learn now to lengthen them, once you’re sure that’s the problem. Before taking opiates! It is common in people who sit a lot!

Each time a challenge strikes, such as another surgery, a muscle strain, or being yet another year older, I have to work it all out again, from scratch.

You have a muscle or joint pain?

Don’t take pills unless you have to!

Apart from saving my life several times, thanks again, the medical Leviathan helped many to become addicted opiates.

It’s easy to give people pills!

It’s tough to teach them how to move more effectively.

Remember how Feldenkrais fixed my knee, where everyone else failed?

It also made my feet the same size (saved me a bunch of $$$ in running shoes!).

With some help from Rebecca and Yoga Toes, I just changed the way I moved my toes!

With a little thought,


avoidance of unnecessary drugs,

and a some luck,

you can stay active into your ‘golden years.’


You will have to change the way you move!

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