A Better Old Age Through Conditioning and Body-Awareness Skills

Just watching how you turn as you walk will teach you a great deal about the role of your hips in body movement, and how to focus there for solutions to certain aches and pains, including so-called plantar fasciitis, and so-called iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS).

Yep, those danged hip rotators, all twelve of them (and most certainly more), cause all sorts of mayhem, so keep them limber, strong and balanced with pigeon and beyond.

I’m so glad I started endurance training in my 50s, for a better old age, thanks to my triathlete son, Nigel, as it sure is helping me to handle my 70s. This resulted in fascinating studies of body-awareness and to an increased focus on biomechanics (how we move). This insight led directly to:

Life is good, as long as you do the work, while making it play.

Wishing you happy trails into your 70s and beyond,

kev aka FitOldDog

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