Blogging Reminds Me Of The Day That I Rescued A Seagull On The Outer Banks

Hi folks,

I came to the USA for two reasons. One was a job, which worked out well, and other was a photo in a National Geographic magazine, showing a group of men surf fishing on the North Carolina Outer Banks.

The North Carolina Outer Banks. From:

I thought, “Boy, that looks like great fun in a beautiful place. I’d like to go there and do that.” I eventually did. I enjoyed surf fishing for a while, but gave it up because I couldn’t stand the collateral damage to fish I wasn’t going to eat. One time I actually snagged a seagull. I was casting flounder tackle in a wide parabolic arc over the waves, and a large gull flew into the line and became entangled. I dragged him in gently, and up onto the beach. He was pissed, and I don’t blame him. I don’t know if you have ever tackled a seagull up close and personal, but they are fighters. I just needed to calm him down in order to untangle the line that was wrapped around his wings and feet, and his struggles only made it worse. Every time I tried to hold his neck in order to prevent that sharp beak attacking my arms I would get slashed. Then I thought of an old martial arts trick, a decoy. I put my right hand in front of his face, which he proceeded to attack, and simultaneously grabbed his neck from behind. Gotcha!!

Seagull on the North Carolina coast.

I then carefully untangled the line, lifted him by his neck very gently into the air, and with a couple of flaps of his wings off he soared. I wish I could fly like that, don’t you? I was totally engrossed in this event, but as soon as the bird took to the air there was a big round of applause. Unbeknownst to me, a crowd of about 50 beachgoers had gathered to watch. Several of them actually stayed behind afterwards to congratulate me on my prowess. It was satisfying to release that gull without injury. I think that was the last time I ever went fishing.

Why is this like blogging? I become totally engrossed in writing these vignettes, as I was with the seagull, for my own satisfaction. If there is an appreciative audience, it is a pleasant surprise. A kind of bonus.

Thanks for reading and take care not to hurt any animals you don’t need to.

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  1. Nice story.

  2. I have always been drawn to the sea and still am despite experiences. I fancy seeing the outer banks some times. There used to be a local accent there that is akin to the Dorset accent.
    The shore influences me greatly. I like to sit and listen to the sound of the shore and just absorb the atmosphere, the sounds and the smells…

    Widow’s Sea

    The boat rolls gently on the wave
    A small bird’s flying by
    We know the sea’s a sailor’s grave
    And like the breeze we sigh

    The seaweed’s washed up on the beach
    Its scent is on the air
    Her sailor’s soul is out of reach
    Winds blow the widow’s hair

    An eagle soars above the shore
    The tide is on the turn
    It flies above the sailor’s grave
    A widow’s left to yearn

    The tern dives in the gentle wave
    Then rises to the skies
    And flies above the sailor’s grave
    A lonely widow cries

    Whitebait are caught there in a net
    The fisherman’s at sea
    There are to be more widows yet
    It’s what is going to be

    The widow’s weeping by the bay
    The orphans by her side
    Yet these sad times will pass away
    For goodness will abide

    The boat lulls on the gentle calm
    Soon no clouds in the sky
    In stillness is a gentle balm
    And widow’s tears will dry

    Copyright T Morgan (from Typists in the Towers)

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