Test Your Body Awareness Skills, They May Save Your Life One Day

Body-Awareness Skills Test

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Don’t feel anything? You have work to do!

body awareness skillsIt’s certainly going on.

As Caroline Joy, an expert in body physiology, says, “Proprioception refers to the body’s conscious awareness of itself …” “The proprioceptive system is responsible for maintaining reflexive control of muscle tone and posture.” “As you read this, your trunk is unconsciously adjusting as your eyes shift and your head turns to read the words… your muscles perform a delicate dance of contraction and relaxation and ‘restful waiting’, always prepared to jump into action, without conscious deliberation or direction.”

Finally back from the graduation of my grandson, Tyler, in Kyoto, Japan.

body awareness skills

Proud Grandad. Tyler did a wonderful job, and not an easy one.

Tyler earned a BA in International Relations, working in English and Japanese.

This blog isn’t about that, so much, but then it is.

This blog explains why I’m alive today, to enjoy pride in Tyler’s achievement. Due in large part to body-awareness skills. Gained by pure luck.

I wasn’t taught about body-awareness skills in grammar school.

I wasn’t taught about body-awareness skills in college.

I wasn’t taught about body-awareness skills by my sports coaches.

I wasn’t taught body-awareness skills by my doctors.

I was taught in part about body-awareness skills by Kung Fu, Jeet Kung Do, and multiple body-movement teachers.

But my best teacher?

Meditative listening, which I still do every day, thank goodness.

body awareness skillsWhy? Because it was body-awareness, combined with an Ironman race, that saved my life from an abdominal aortic aneurysm in 2010.

My introduction to body awareness skills was through Feldenkrais, but that was just the beginning of an exciting journey.

Body awareness skills present the challenge people face with my latest book on so-called plantar fasciitis.

It’s a marketing hurdle. Totally fascinating!

Wishing you happy trails,

kev, proud grandfather, aka FitOldDog


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