Body Geology: Why Not Use Intelligent Design, For Healthy Aging!

Body Geology?

body geology; map by William Smith

The map that changed the World (1815), by William Smith.

 You sculpt your body throughout life!

It’s Your Personal Body Geology!

Body Geology: The Map That Changed The World.

A remarkable book, and one that can teach you a lot about how you have designed your body!

When it comes to body geology, you get to control certain elements, while your parents and other external conditions select most of the rocks and the weather!

William Smith charged all over England to build the map that changed the world. It led to the creation of the field of Geology.

Until then, it was believed that the hand of a god designed the planet.

Some still think that, oddly enough! It’s called Intelligent Design!

I favor Intelligent Design, for my own body, with myself as the master sculptor, using conscious body sculpture.

We don’t get to choose our working materials:

  • For Geologists, the nature of the local Lithosphere, including hard versus soft rocks, remnants of Volcanic action, wind and rain patterns, relationship to the sun, and so-forth.
  • For humans, our personal genetics, social memes, such as attitudes to vaccination and removal of body parts, nutrition in utero and as we grew up (for instance, I suffered mild Rickets as a kid, due to war and post-war nutrition, leaving weak points – much like areas of soft sandstone on a mountainside, prone to erosion by wind and rain).

Like a potter, throwing a pot, or a sculptor chiseling marble, we get to choose our next move.

This is how I applied Intelligent Design to my own body:

Body Geology

FitOldDog’s approach to Body Geology, using Intelligent Design, through conscious body sculpture.

We rarely receive training in the Art Of Subtle Movement (Body Meditation).

body geology.

Up and around, the day after thoracic surgery, a couple of weeks ago. Rapid recovery due to the state of my Body Geology.

Unless we are fortunate enough to be encouraged to study the art of Yoga, or other body training skills, as children.

For instance, my personal Body Geology inventory, due to lack of Intelligent Design, on my part, includes:

  1. A joint cyst on my right index finger, by holding my cup, while drinking tea, the same way, every morning for 50 years. It required surgical repair – self-induced body geology.
  2. Tight hips, due to sitting the same way, for more than 50 years. Still working on that one, but much better now!
  3. Tight shoulder blades by reaching forward, holding my shoulders firmly against my back, while reading books and using computers. Body movement training, and the ministrations of a massage therapist, did the trick, to improve my swim.
  4. Guarding (chronic psychosomatic tension) my right ankle, leading to knee pain and feet of two different sizes (REALLY), costing me a fortune in running shoes (needed left size 11, right size 10). All fixed now, thanks to Feldenkrais.

Why don’t you become your own master sculptor?

Apply Intelligent Design to your own body, for healthy active aging?

It pays dividends, especially if you face health challenges, including major surgery.

Wishing you happy aging.

Aging is not for the faint of heart.

You fail to prepare at your peril!


PS You also get to do lots of other fine tuning, including selection of diet, and potentially damaging habits, including smoking. But then, we each have to choose our preferred life-style, don’t you think? To each his own!


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