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Body Movement Training Random?

And expensive!

Can we do better?

Body-Movement Training Instructors!

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Leaders In Body Movement And Aging Mobility

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“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” My first body-awareness teacher!

My body-awareness and body movement training journey was random and expensive! Can we do better.

BODY AWARENESS AND MOVEMENT TRAINING? For me it started way back, in 1973, with a motorbike wreck. This led to 40 odd years of guarding my right ankle. To be finally fixed by Feldenkrais, where everyone else failed. This resulted in my passionate interest in body-awareness and body movement training, especially when it comes to the challenges of aging!

It also resulted in the realization that no-one I know has heard of Feldenkrais – it’s not even in spell checker. It’s the name that accounts for this problem – Yoga is just a nice, catchy word!

Over the years, I worked my way through several martial arts, Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Continuum and Anatomy Trains. Along with my Veterinary Medical and Ironman training.

Surely, a framework, or simple guide, for modality selection could be generated, for the neophyte. Such a guide might be based on the types of issues involved – I always advise people to start with simple, body-awareness training (it’s essentially free!), and to think the problem through, before rushing off to take pills or spend a fortune.

Body-Awareness Training: Moshe Feldenkrais developed the Feldenkrais method, which FitOldDog really admires because it is so effective. From:

My most important body-awareness teacher, with the help of Karen.

I’m especially concerned about people on a limited budget, who can’t afford 10 trips to a physical therapist or other medical professional, as they recover from an injury.

As you age, and as I know, money is an increasingly challenging issue, later in life!

Imagine, you don’t have a lot of money, no health insurance (or a high deductible), and you pull a calf or hamstring, or develop morning heel pain (‘so-called plantar fasciitis).

Where to start?

How to fix it, but you still have to go to work.

What’s the answer?

Surely a cost effective guide could be created, without risking lawsuits.

That’s my objective, for this LinkedIn Group!

I wonder what all the Physical Therapists, Family Doctors, Sports Physicians, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors, Pilates, Continuum, Alexander Technique, and Dance teachers, and massage therapists, think about this idea?

How about plans for $0, $500 and $2000?

I have my ideas, but what are yours?

I want to help people avoid unnecessary immobility, as they age!


I see these struggles, all around me!


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