I Really Like Twitter, Facebook, And StumbleUpon, And It Sure Feels Good To Be Appreciated, Thank You Maria

  Hi folks, During a year of blogging, and exploration of online marketing and social networking, I have managed to find some tools that I really like. Surprisingly, the one piece of software that I initially considered to be of little value, Twitter, has turned out to be excellent in many ways. I attribute this little lesson to Victor, my bike guy, who said, "Kevin, just give Twitter another try, as it ... Read more

Is The Ironman Safe? FitOldDog Says, “Yes, If You Do It Right.” What Do The Experts Say?

Hi folks, We live in a truly hostile environment, and we want to feel safe. The air we breathe is held on by gravity, and one good near miss by a large meteor could suck it all away. The solid ground isn't solid after all (ever been through a small earthquake?), and the so-called solid bit is floating on molten rock (not friendly stuff for organisms made largely of water). We are surrounded by and full of other ... Read more

It Would Appear That Rigid AAA-Stent Grafts Can Induce Life-Threatening Hypertension Which Is Correctable

  Hi folks, This is a follow-up to previous posts on my stent-induced hypertension, as new data have come in - another case. This is a potentially critical aspect of AAA-stent graft placement, which can be life saving, but a BP of 220/120 could also be life threatening. In my case, the hypertension was corrected by a combination of an ACE inhibitor (10 mg Lisinopril) and exercise. Several cardiologists ... Read more

Facebook AAA Support Site

Hi! Folks, I was just writing a post for the Chez Ollie, and then thought it might be good to provide the link here. For athletes with aneurysm issues, other great sites include The Cardiac Athlete and The Athletes Heart Blog. Keep talking! It helps! Cheers, Kevin ... Read more

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