Zen And The Art Of Body Maintenance

Hi folks, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a great book. When I used to lecture to students interested in a research career, I would recommend reading this book, in addition to 'Arrowsmith' and 'Winning Games Scientists Play,' amongst others. There was a quote from Robert M. Pirsig's great book that I kept over my desk in my messy office at The Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology where I worked ... Read more

Continued Ironman Training Thanks To Modern Surgery, Feldenkrais, And Lots Of Other Things Including a Well Aimed Bottle Of Beer From A Passing Truck!

  Hi folks, I was in the dentist's office again today and a nice lady there said "Great calves! How come? Are you a runner?" Well! I do run a bit, I replied, and that got me thinking. I do run a bit, and why is it that I can still run? Just take a look at my latest injury inventory diagram: A lot of people have helped me to address my injuries along the way, with great advice on treatment of many ... Read more

Painting The Fence Joe Friel Style For Great Endurance Training Advice

Painting The Fence Joe Friel Style For Great Endurance Training Advice

The best exercise tip I ever received was from Joe Friel. I suspect that Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid (loved that movie!) got it both right and wrong when it came to endurance training. RIGHT: Make your sport part of your life and your life part of your sport. WRONG: Too much too soon, as he should have shown 'The Karate Kid' how to pace his painting so as to enjoy rather than suffer the exercise. I think ... Read more

If You Have an AAA-Stent or Any Other Health Challenge, Choose Your Training Partners Carefully

Hi folks, I write my blog each day in my blogging chair at Johnny's, only in Carrboro, created by Brian Plaster and his trusty staff. Brian kindly posed for this picture of my morning blog spot, holding a bottle of my favorite wine, Our Daily Red (Organic, No Sulfites Detected). Brian is a great mountain biker, but me, I stick to the roads, and with an AAA-stent you need to think about how you ride. For ... Read more

Run Dog was great!

Hi! Folks, I had a great running gait analysis at Road Runner Sports near San Francisco, with Shoe Dog. They really knew what they were doing. Pressure analysis and a video, which told me where I need to improve my running. I took a picture of the pressure analysis using my pda (magic again), and here it is. I thought I was spreading the load equally on each foot and I was really surprised by the zone of ... Read more

Disclaimer: As a veterinarian, I do not provide medical advice for human animals. If you undertake or modify an exercise program, consult your medical advisors before doing so. Undertaking activities pursued by the author does not mean that he endorses your undertaking such activities, which is clearly your decision and responsibility. Be careful and sensible, please.