Origin Of Life, To Help You Get A Life!

Origin Of Life, To Help You Get A Life!

 I think I'll grow this post for a while, for fun - yes, fun! Want to see the Origin of FitOldDog - go to my very first WordPress blog post, 2010, at this link Understanding the origin of life is important for exercise, nutrition, mental health, diabetes, aging, and all the rest - I'll get there! It all started with chemistry, biochemistry, deep down in the sea! Blah, blah, blah! Just watch my old movie, and ... Read more

Food And Training For Optimizing Mitochondrial Mass And Function At Mark’s Daily Apple

Hi folks, welcome! My goal is to continue (bad)pain-free exercise and Ironman training for as long as my old body will allow, and I know this takes continual work on optimal metabolism and a positive attitude. I accompanied a friend of mine to the hospital for surgery the other day, which was wisely delayed for very good reasons, including the great attitude of the surgeon. During the trip, I told my friend ... Read more

An Inspiring Tale About The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet In A Case Of Type I Diabetes

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by! If you're a dog, a stick can provide a great deal of pleasure, whereas for the diabetic a stick (injection) can be life saving, but maybe diet modification should also receive a little more attention. Diabetes is a complex condition due to the widespread and critical roles played by the hormone, insulin, in human (and non-human) Biology. After describing my recent forays ... Read more

Thoughts On Breathing By FitOldDog

Hi folks, The body has a number of routes for waste elimination, including the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, integument (skin and all that external covering stuff) and the respiratory system. Most people think about breathing as a way to obtain oxygen, as during asphyxiation the lack of oxygen is really obvious. However, the exhaled air contains a number of eliminated toxins, including carbon dioxide ... Read more

A Wheel Invented Billions Of Years Ago Makes ATP (Your Key Energy Currency)

Hi folks, welcome! This post might seem a little dry, but it isn't. It's about magic!!! I was looking at my PowerCranks today, and then I started to think about the wheel and its many uses, which took me immediately to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthase. I have always been amazed that a molecular wheel, spinning at about 650 revolutions per second, helps to manufacture ATP, which is critical for our entire ... Read more

Optimizing The Context Of Your Training And FitOldDog’s Last Scientific Publication

  Hi folks, A number of books have changed the way I think, including 'The Road Less Traveled' (persuaded me to take responsibility for my own problems), 'Atlas Shrugged' (moderated my tendency to be too left wing), 'Tao te Ching' (gave me good advice on living), 'The Power of Now' (trained me to silence the chatter in my head and develop a more stable state of inner calm), and 'Zen and the Art of ... Read more

LRP1 Gene – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Discovery And Do You Have AAA+Dyslipidemia?

  Hi folks, Great news this week with respect to the possible underlying mechanism of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), a link between AAA and the gene LRP1. The authors said, "Through this research we have identified a gene that is associated with AAA and the further investigation of the function of this gene in relation to AAA may help us understand more about the disease and how to treat it without ... Read more

Bioenergetics And Healthy Nutrition: You Make Fat From Sugar But Not Sugar From Fat

Healthy nutrition is one key to a long happy life, and don't think that it's fat that makes you fat; low fat foolishness made America fat. For many years I have been interested in Biochemistry, and my triathlon training heightened this interest. As you exercise you burn fuel to generate energy to do work (moving, thinking, making cells, excreting wastes). In fact, you burn these fuels all the time, but more as you ... Read more

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