Invited Blog Post On Preparing For An Ironman Swim

  Hi folks, I was pleased to be invited to write a blog post at the triathlon website, Chez Ollie, and Chez Ollie. Denis was great to work with, helping set up SEO and so forth. Thanks again, Denis! -k @FitOldDog   ... Read more

Swimming Is Helping My Running Due To Improved Lat Involvement And Conditioning Thanks To Jack Heggie

  Hi folks, I recently posted on the issue of my dramatically improved swim times in the pool as a result of Rick Fee's encouragement to focus more on conditioning than technique, and my coach indicating how I might engage my lat (Latissimus dorsi) muscles more effectively. Interestingly, I now feel that this is paying dividends for running. I suspect that the benefits derive from both greater ... Read more

Conditioning Versus Technique And Why You Need Superior Training Partners

  Hi folks, Learning new skills always seems to be a kind of stepwise process, be it learning a foreign language, running a business, playing a musical instrument, or becoming an athlete. You reach a plateau, stay stuck for ages, have a breakthrough, and with your new found knowledge work towards the next sticking point. This certainly seems to be true of swimming. I've made major progress in the last ... Read more

Use Cool Down Time In The Pool As Playtime And You May Learn Something Useful

  Hi folks, Ironman training involves some pretty long swims sometimes, and often they are preceded by heavy weight room, bike or run workouts the previous day. You may hit the water sluggish and stiff, but after a few laps you'll loosen up, attacking each set with increasing enthusiasm. I find that around the two-mile mark (72 laps in a 25-yard pool) I start to tire significantly, and by the end of the ... Read more

Keep Track Of Laps In The Pool Whilst Boosting Your Mental Discipline

  Hi folks, If you have a long swim, you'll have no trouble keeping track of laps completed with a complex group of short sets, such as that in the adjacent figure. You just have to count each set and mentally tick off your workout on the plan stuck on the wall at the end of the pool. However, if you have a small number of long sets, say 4 x 1200 yards, it is not so easy. I discovered the perfect way ... Read more

Lazy Unilateral Recovery Swim Stroke Revealed By Paddles

  Hi folks, I was swimming with my nice new yellow paddles the other day and noticed that from time to time my left paddle would touch the water. The impact of this contact was considerable, almost tugging the paddle off of my hand, disrupting my stroke. Diagnosis - lazy left arm recovery causing my elbow to drop too low. This is a nice example of the value of paddles in the diagnosis of defects in your ... Read more

Integrate Your Endurance Training Into Your Life In A Healthy Way

  Hi folks, This is a follow-up post to the 'early morning swim chicken' one I posted previously. I am a notorious no-show for early morning swims, but I am working to fix this. Like one of my key biking partners, Rory, I also tend to lose the mental debate at 5:00 am and end up staying in bed. But that is no way to work towards a sub-13 hour Lake Placid Ironman time, so I am biting the bullet and ... Read more

Don’t Chicken Out Of Those Critical Early Morning Swims

  Hi folks, The early morning swim is an interesting journey on a cold winter's day. Your alarm wakes you up around 5:00 am, and then the internal debate begins. Stay in my nice warm bed? YES!!! Go jump in a cold pool? NO!!! But I really want to have done that swim. Note the focus on the past tense - to have done that swim. This is the key to motivating your way out of bed. Don't think about how warm ... Read more

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