The Hand Catch And Use Of The Pool During Recovery From Running Injuries

  Hi folks, I recently received a comment from Pauline, concerning swimming technique and the use of hand paddles, as she is dealing with a running injury. Blogging is all about conversation, and it is encouraging to receive this kind of input, so I thought that I would write briefly about use of the pool during 'running injury rehabilitation.' But first a comment on the hand catch. If you watch Mr. ... Read more

G’day To Shark-Free Swimming With My New Paddles In Australia

  Hi folks, Here I am in Australia, enjoying a boiling hot Christmas day. I may be an aging Ironman athlete, but I sure don't want to swim with sharks. This reminds of an article I read years ago, in an old French magazine, called 'Swimming with Sharks.' It contained some great advice for a nascent businessman, such as myself, including, "When bitten, don't bleed." As a swimmer I would prefer to not be ... Read more

FitOldDog Is Off To The Land Of Mr Smooth

  Hi folks, When this post is published, I'll be on my way to Australia for the first time. When I think of Australia as an Englishman it brings to mind the deportation of convicts under a cruel and repressive regime, known at the time as the British Empire. Some would say strong rather than cruel, but I've heard too many stories about the hard-nosed approach of the English aristocracy and government to ... Read more

Why You Need A Coach If You Are Serious About Your Sport Plus A Swim Tip To Engage Your Lats

  Hi folks, There are many reasons to hire a coach, and it becomes increasingly important the more challenging or potentially risky the undertaking. The most important reason to have a coach is to protect you from yourself. Furthermore, a simple observation on your technique, along with appropriate advice, can make all the difference to your performance. Here is a short video clip showing how to engage ... Read more

In The Pool The Wall Is Not Your Friend

  Hi folks, One of the greatest challenges to swimming fitness in my opinion is the end of the pool - I call it the wall, don't know why. When you do a hard swim it feels so good to rest on the wall. The strange thing is that the clock, which is already going too fast, starts to speed up. A minute on the wall can feel like a few seconds. So if your coach says 10 seconds rest, don't make it 11 seconds ... Read more

Motivation: Keeping Your Shoulders Loose

Hi folks, I have many reasons to work on relaxing my shoulders, so I'm motivated to explore the issue. I received enthusiastic input on approaches to shoulder relaxation from several sources quite recently. Enthusiastic input certainly helps one's motivation. The reason I would like to loosen my shoulder blades is in order to (a) stay higher in the water when I swim, through the application of Archimedes Principle ... Read more

Staying In Shape Has Great Benefits – Dolphins In Hawaii!

  Hi folks, I often stop to appreciate the joys of being in good physical shape, and long may it last. This came home to me about 10 years ago while I was visiting Hawaii to watch my son, Nigel, do the Hawaii Ironman again. About three days before the race the organizers put out the swim buoys for the 2.4 mile course that runs along the coast about a quarter mile from the shore. During the race it ... Read more

Why I Wear Nose Clips In The Pool, And Its Not Too Late To Sign Up For The FastForward Triathlon Camp

Hi! Folks, Ever heard of Chez Ollie? Years ago I noticed that I was reacting to swimming pools by sneezing and sneezing for an hour or two after leaving the pool. It felt like any other upper respiratory allergic reaction. The pool is loaded with chlorine, a powerful oxidizing agent, so who knows what it might do to your nose. It certainly dries out our hair and skin, and it irritates our eyes. A friend ... Read more

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