Cure Morning Heel Pain, Podcasting Research-Based Strategy And Tactics!

How To Cure Morning Heel Pain?

Building Strategy And Tactics, One Podcast At A Time

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Podcast #1: Meeting My Nemesis!

morning heel pain

This is a work in progress! Includes a research-based strategy, with advice on choice of tactics.

Strategy: To find a research-based, (1) cost effective, (2) safe, and (3) simple way to cure morning heel pain (aka plantar fasciitis!)

If you want to know why I call it ‘so-called plantar fasciitis,’ download the research report at this link.

Conclusion from podcast #1:

  1. There is a lot of confusing information, and expensive treatments, on the Internet concerning heel pain and so-called plantar fasciitis.
  2. I’m immediately suspicious that ‘So-Called Plantar Fasciitis,’ at the morning heel pain stage, at least, is neither inflammatory or in the plantar fascia.
  3. I conclude that it results from tight calves (later I learn that this ain’t necessarily so!)

Tactic #1: Try using a roller, it might just do the trick. You never know your luck. For instruction on using a roller, see this video link.

Podcast #2: Our First eBook!

Watch this space!

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